History of AMADEU – Association of Anthroposophical Medicine of Uruguay/Psychotherapy

The beginning of the impulse of Anthroposophical Psychotherapy in Uruguay occurs in the transdisciplinary framework of a study group that spontaneously united doctors, psychologists and other health professionals. From the beginning, a horizontal and fraternal meeting of exponents of different professions grew naturally, which took expression in the foundation of AMADEU (Association of Anthroposophical Medicine of Uruguay) in May 2018 in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay.

In expression of such intergrative impulse, AMADEU has had as an Association since its origins a President representing Anthroposophical Medicine and a Psychologist Psychotherapist with Anthroposophical orientation as its Secretary, trained within the framework of the Courses given by AAPSIA (Argentine Association of Anthroposophical Psychologists) in the city of Buenos Aires (2017-2020).

Driven to expand the hitherto less developed knowledge of Anthroposophy in Uruguay, both AMADEU leaders started initial and in-depth courses in Anthroposophy since 2021. They are developed online with specializations for doctors, psychotherapists, art therapists and pedagogues, as can be seen on the Association’s website.

These Courses have had national and international teachers from Argentina, Colombia and Germany, and have generated a clear growth in the number of professionals nucleated and in continuous training in Anthroposophical Psychotherapy. This growing and fraternal enthusiasm gives hope to create in the not too distant future the foundation of a specific association of Anthroposophical Psychologists in Uruguay.

AMADEU website: http://www.amadeu.info

Contact: curso.amadeu@gmail.com

Alvaro Gonzalez Olascuaga: alvaro.g.olascuaga@gmail.com