History of ABPA – Brazilian Association of Anthroposophic Psychologists

Since the 1970s, many psychologists have become interested in Anthroposophy as a professional complement, meeting and starting study groups in Brazil. With the arrival of the couple Ad and Henriette Dekkers to Brazil from 2004 to 2007, the 1st class in Anthroposophic Psychotherapy was formed. From there, training and postgraduate courses were organized.

ABPA – Brazilian Association of Anthroposophic Psychologists was founded in July 2011, as a result of this path taken. In 2012, he participated, as a founding member, in the foundation of IFAPA – International Federation of Anthroposophic Psychotherapy Associations – linked to the IKAM (Coordination of the Medical Section) at the Goetheanum, Dornach.

Anthroposophic Psychotherapy starts from the theoretical assumption that man is made up of body, soul and spirit. The anthroposophic psychologist/psychotherapist learns to observe and interpret the Human Being through phenomenology, observe the encounters between I/I, recognize the manifestations that characterize development and biography, follow changes in family dynamism, study transgenerationality.

We seek to establish a relationship of trust with our patients, deepening the knowledge of the conscious and unconscious psychic content and carrying out the necessary and appropriate intervention. We seek the establishment of an educational action as well as the development of a loving attitude. The psychotherapist-patient relationship is experienced in a harmonious and true way.

ABPA has been working to strengthen the identity and visibility of the anthroposophic psychologist/psychotherapist through transdisciplinary dialogue, in addition to publishing books, producing didactic material on the relationship between psychology and Anthroposophy and other objectives and activities mentioned on its website.


ABPA website: abpa.com.br
Contact: contato@abpapsi.com.br
Patrícia Botelho: patbotelho7@gmail.com