History of the Professional Association for Anthroposophy and Psychotherapy Ukraine.

In the year 2009 upon request of Ukraine anthroposophical medical doctors, an IPMT in Odessa – Ukraine – was organized. As in those years many IPMT’s and psychotherapy trainings were almost simultaneously being held throughout the world, it was fortunate that the IKAM Coordinators could organize and invite Jacques Meulman, psychotherapist from the Netherlands, to take over the responsibility for the Psychotherapeutic part of the IPMT.

After the IPMT ended in 2013, the professional group of psychotherapists decided to organise a profession-specific further formation. This took place in Kiev from 2013 – 2017, under the inspirational teachings of Jacques and Jill Meulman, together with * Ad and Henriette Dekkers, * Leo Reidsma, a Dutch psychiatrist, and * a priest of the Christian Community. Essential themes in the context of the totality of the training have proven to be the developmental laws of man, the constitutions of the Curative Educational and Pastoral-Medical Courses, the Dismemberment lecture on dissociation of the invisible sheaths, the profound influence of transgenerational transmission of in the four sheaths of Man according to the Main Pedagogical Law; and we spoke and trained of such influence by cultures, dictatorships and traumas. Another psychotherapeutic tool for us was Man at the Threshold, at the precipice of initiation into the spiritual world in the depths of traumatic incidents of life and death. “Life” case presentations of a patient and the group of colleagues have been most beneficial.

The graduation of this profession specific training ended with the writing of 2 case studies, which were peer reviewed by 1 colleague, 1 doctor, and IFAPA commented by Dekkers.

The international signature of this training group is shown by the nationalities that were certified: Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Ukraine. With all of them there is a deep connection of brotherhood that is carefully nurtured. The founding of an Russian/Ukrainian Association for Anthroposophical Psychotherapy, followed by joining the umbrella organization of IFAPA, were the crowning achievements of this route. During the training we have become deeply united due to the events in 2014 in and around the Donbas.

A second course started in 2021 with 20 participants, again with participants from various nationalities. The initiative group and faculty:

Tamara Blekov, Psychotherapist, Yevgeni Volchenko MD, Narine Maltseva, Trainer and publisher.
Тамара Блекот 2703965@gmail.com