Training the Trainers: Research in Anthroposophic Psychotherapy and International Community Building

Only for invitation

Bi-annual IFAPA conference

Emerson College, 26-30 June 2023
Expanding the therapists’ awareness and implementation of Spirit-guided, therapy-pathfinding in Anthroposophical Psychotherapy: Implementing research into teachings and clinical praxis

Expanding expertise in clinical praxis by research through Goethean methods Strengthening the international community of trainers and future teachers In-person attendance

This conference will be the second of a cycle of three consecutive conferences on the theme of

Training the Trainers:
Research in Anthroposophic psychotherapy and international community building.

The conferences will:

(1) continue to build the worldwide anthroposophic psychotherapy community,
(2) enable participants to improve their clinical practice using anthroposophic-Goethean

(3) develop research-based teaching in anthroposophic psychotherapy.

II. Structure

The conference structure will have the following elements:

  • Rudolf Steiner text study
  • Esoteric content (perspectives on the class lessons)
  • Lectures on research
  • Deepening anthroposophical anamnesis, diagnosis and interventions
  • Working groups on teaching methods
  • Working groups on judgment formation re. actual pathogenesis
  • Optional Presentations of participants on innovative aspects of their work
  • Annual General Meeting of IFAPA                                                                                                                        III: Methodology of the Conference

Guest-speakers: there will be one lecture on research methodology by Professor Erik Baars on Zoom, comparing anthroposophical approach to mainstream views and one lecture on training the trainers by Dr Diethard Taushel who will also be attending in-person. Diethard will also assist in the judgment formation on factual emerging pathogenesis. There will be three IFAPA speakers. John Lees will speak about case work research, Ad Dekkers will contribute on the outcomes of specific anthroposophical interventions, Henriette Dekkers will contribute to deepening anamnesis and diagnosis and the impact of the night on the inspiration towards healing. These lectures and introductions will introduce you to the work that has already been done by anthroposophic therapists regarding evaluation of the efficacy and effectiveness of anthroposophic therapies and into the principles of training the trainers. All of participants are undertaking research in your clinical practice and, as such, you are all practitioner researchers. The conference will prepare the ground for becoming a research- based trainer.