Meeting the Guardian and Working with Rhythms of Soul

How does our view and practice of psychotherapy change when we seriously engage with the threshold to the spiritual world and its guardian? The guardian of the threshold guides us on our path through the lessons of the First Class of Spiritual Science. Who is this guardian? Can we distinguish the guardian from our own double? How does the quality of the guardian change as we progress in spiritual development? What is our relationship to our own guardian? In what ways does the guardian manifest in the lives of our clients?

How does knowledge of the guardian impact our work as psychotherapists?

Psychotherapy involves listening from the heart. The third class lesson brings a special focus on attending to and focusing on rhythms. Working rhythmically, we can learn to find balance from the center, from the heart. Harmonization of soul is an aim of psychotherapy and a requirement for spiritual experience across the threshold.

Interested First Class members from healing professions are welcome to attend, especially psychotherapists and all professionals who work in a psychotherapeutic way with clients. Please bring your blue card for admittance. The conference will be offered in the English language, with additional reading of the mantras in German.


Time Saturday, Sept. 10 Sunday, Sept.11 Monday, Sept. 12 Tuesday, Sept. 13







15:30 Registration

3nd Class Lesson reading

(Giovanna Bettini)

3rd Class Lesson free rendering

(Boris Krause)

Class Conversation On the Theme of the


10.15-10.45 Break
10.45-12.00 Small Groups: Working with the Lessons Small Groups: Working with the Lessons Review and Preview Closure, with

Foundation Stone Meditation

12.00-14.30 Lunch Break
14.30-16.00 Eurythmy Eurythmy
16.00-16.30 The Threshold and its Guardian (Ad Dekkers)

~17:30 Viewing the Sculptural Group

16.30-18.00 Small Groups: Psychotherapeutic Implications Small Groups: Psychotherapeutic Implications
18.00-19.30 Dinner Break
19.30-21.00 The Guardian in the Class Lessons:

1st Lesson & 2nd Tablet free rendering (Wolfgang Drescher)

Group Conversation: The Guardian in Psychotherapy

(Intro: Ursula Schöbel & Susan Overhauser)

Group Conversation: Rhythms and Healing from the Heart (Intro: Boris Krause)
21.00-21.10 Foundation Stone Foundation Stone


To indicate your registration, please email the initiative group with your contact information at The exact location of the conference will be emailed in September. Please note that simultaneous translation in the same room is not available.

Conference cost is Swiss Frank CHF270 or Euro €250. No discounts available. Please bring exact cash.