International annual conference of the Medical Section

“The heart around us – The importance and meaning of the therapeutic community”

Dear Colleagues,

We are very pleased to draw your attention to the international annual conference of the Medical Section. We anticipate that in the third year of the pandemic it will be possible once more to come to the Goetheanum from many countries around the world and thus finally meet colleagues and friends of the anthroposophical medical movement face to face again.

After the focus last year on the responsibility of medicine for people and nature, “The heart around us – The importance and meaning of the therapeutic community” will look in 2022 at the factors that cause disease and the healing factors in human coexistence and therapeutic community building. The heart as organ of the middle offers the medical and therapeutic point of contact.

Like last year, the conference is structured in three parts. Specialist conferences of eurythmy therapy, therapeutic speech, art therapy, for physicians, pharmacists and dispensing chemists, psychotherapy and patient associations will form the opening from 13 to 15 September. The middle section on 15 and 16 September offers the opportunity for spiritual deepening and to work on the 16th class lesson. The multiprofessional conference from 16 to 18 September carries the heart theme through the five CARE areas: birth and childhood, infectiology, anxiety and trauma, oncology and palliative medicine.

Workshops with contributions from India (Wahida Murthy), Russia (Denis Koshechkin), USA (Adam Blanning), France (Robert Kempenich), Holland (Marieke Krans), Italy (Angelo Fierro), Switzerland and Germany offer an interesting international programme full of therapeutic content.

All three parts of the conference can also be attended individually. Participation in the whole event, however, brings the composition of the whole to life and gives cohesion to the parts.

The lecture programme, the morning preludes, about 50 working groups, guided tours of the Goetheanum and the Ita Wegman Campus promise a special experience and a contribution to strengthening Anthroposophic Medicine at a time when it is subject to major public attacks.

We will send out the detailed programme and the registration form shortly after Easter. Please note the date for your annual and travel planning.

In the hope of an interesting and vibrant conference, we send you warm greetings on behalf of the International Coordination of Anthroposophic Medicine

Matthias Girke, Georg Soldner, Rolf Heine

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