A First Class Conference-Working with Polarities & Finding Healing Through the Middle

Our world is increasingly experiencing fragmentation through polarization. It is becoming an essential priority to seek harmonization in many different life circumstances, finding ways to bring balance between various polarities. The Class Lessons of the School of Spiritual Science address this need and suggest meditative pathways for developing healing capacities by grappling with the polarities that we meet at the threshold.
This year’s conference will focus on Class Lessons 5 and 6. Class 5 invites us to work with the polarities of light and dark, warm and cold, and life and death. In Class 6, we are brought through considerations regarding our connection to the elements of earth, water, air, and fire, and the ethers including light ether, chemical/sound ether, and life ether. Here too, polarities are manifest which require the development of specific capacities that ultimately strengthen our I and our ability to act in a healing way in earthly life.
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2023 First Class Conference for Psychotherapists – Announcement brief